Mini Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Overview of Mini Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Mini copper wire recycling machine(Copper wire granulator) can recycle scrap copper wire to separated copper and plastic. It is an excellent scrap copper wire recycling machine with 99.9% separation rate.

Mini Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Mini copper wire recycling machine Describe

This latest mini cable separator machine is mini copper recycling machine, mainly used for recycling copper from scrap cable wires. Low price and mini size is the biggest advantage this kind of small copper wire separator machine.

Raw Material:All kinds of scrap cable wires with diameter under 20MM

Final Product:Final product is pure copper and pure plastic;

Mini Copper recycling machine Working Process

  • 1. Main crusher crushing scrap wires into mixed granules;

  • 2. Separator device separating copper and plastic from mixed granules after crushing process;

  • 3. And vibrating table doing secondary separation for pure copper;

  • 4. At the same time dust collecting system collecting dust;

  • Technical Standards

  • Capacity:50-80KG/H

  • Power:4kw single phase

  • Volt:220V,50HZ

  • Usage:home usage

  • Dimension:800mm*610mm*1550mm

  • weight:288KG

  • Advantage of mini copper granulator machine

  • 1.  manufacture the latest smallest mini copper wire recycling machine;

  • 2.  This mini copper wire recycling machine is equipped with 5 knives, including 2 fixed knives and 3 movable knives;

  • 3.  Supports household electricity(single phase electricity), ideal for home use;

  • 4.  Mini size and mini capacity, the capacity is about 50-80kg per hour;

  • 5.  Cheapest and affordable, suitable for wholesale;

  • 6.  Also can be customized as push-wheel type for easy movement.

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